Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Symptoms of fear include shaking, anxiety, increased heart rate. I think a face of a fearful person looks rather pale or cold. Extreme fear affects the brain by causing you to be afraid of everything around you, which is not good. It can also cause hallucinations, which makes you see and hear non existent things. Mastering fear isn't easy, but after being around these fearful things you may start to get used to it. The things you feared start to bother you less and less.

Friday, May 2, 2014


I used to live in lewiston my family always said the house was haunted (I'm the only one that lived in that house and saw/heard nothing). Anyways, they always used to see orbs and hear locked doors slamming shut.

If someone offered me a free reading to reveal my future, I would first ask if it was good or bad. If it was good I wouldn't want to know it. If it was bad I would want to know, so I can change my actions.

Monday, March 31, 2014

"On dying after your time"

*Should scientist try to help people beat old age so we can live radically longer lives? Why?

No, I think age is a natural thing, and that people would go crazy if they lived too long. It would also be more expensive and dramatically increase the population - which isn't always good.

*How long would you want to live, if you could choose your life span?

I'd probably only want to live as long as I can still walk around, and do what I normally do. Which I'd say is around the age of 70 or 80.

*Do you agree with the author that "adding years to a life doesn't necessarily make it any fuller?"

yes, I absolutely agree with that. There is only so many years you can live or you'd want to live. Spending your life in the hospital or nursery home doesn't really make it any more full than it already is. Unless you can still do your daily routines on those added years.

Friday, March 14, 2014


You see advertisements everywhere it seems like on the radio, internet, streets especially on TV. I remember a lot of the annoying ones I heard on the radio such as that chapter 11 commercial which was super annoying. I found that I liked the commercials that had a good song in the background. I think that they do have an effect on my personal interests some what. I think if someone could persuade me into buying or doing something then that will definitely affect my interests.

Monday, March 10, 2014

I believe in not wasting

My podcast:

I believe in the half-life of re-gifting.

Every Christmas morning I go to my step dad's step mom's house for lunch. We usually eat ham, salad, crackers and cheese, and shrimp and cocktail sauce. Every year, she gets us a laundry basket filled with small wrapped items such as cream of soup, cookie cutters, stovetop stuffing, a bottle of ketchup and other items that you would find in your kitchen cabinet. It then made me wonder if it was stuff she stored in her cabinet that never got used. I wondered if a half-life of re-gifting could exist. I began to think that if everyone just gave what they didn't use or need, and that person uses half and gives the rest - and the process continues until it eventually 'decays' and everything would have been used, then there will be no waste. That is when I came to a greater belief - to not waste.
I can't tell you how many people waste, including myself sometimes, my parents made it clear to me that it was a sin to waste food. I remember going quahogging with my step dad in the summer. Sometimes when you rake the quahogs, the shell breaks. Instead of wasting a life, I always ate it if it was still alive; my step dad thought it was gross. My family and I recycle, because it helps the environment, and saves more room in trash bags.

I believe that whatever you do, whether it's going green, not throwing out food, or even re-gifting - it makes a difference in yourself, town, state, country or even the world. There is always someone in need of something that you don't need or use.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Something that frustrated me

One thing that frustrated me, was finding a belief to write about for my 'I believe' essay. I had trouble finding something that I had experienced or something that wasn't too personal. I could probably avoid this frustration by not waiting till the last day to work on it - that way I could spend more time thinking about what to write about and also work on it more.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Voice is your style of writing - basicly your personality. I think it is what makes your writing yours. I think I have voice in my writing, I don't really think it's strong. Writing isn't my strongest ability, I feel like voice in my writing is still developing.